BeatRoute: Devil in the Wood Shack jump out of the shed and into the fire

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This article originally appeared in BeatRoute Magazine on Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

VANCOUVER — Imagine a vine covered white house at the end of a long street emanating a mixture of bluegrass, punk and indie music, drawing in anyone that passes by. First the rumbling undertones of the stand up bass reverberate the senses and then, all at once, the vocals and guitars hypnotize the listener. That is the sound of Devil in the Wood Shack. This six-piece band, coined after reading Grimm Fables, is made up of Joshua Wood and Wes Coderre on guitar/vocals, Thalia and Justine Apostolopoulos on cello, banjo and vocals, Rory Troughton on drums and Conrad Shynkar on upright bass. They achieve a quality in music that feels both unhinged and calming.

The band’s alcohol-drenched beginnings started with Wood and Coderre coming from Ontario, slowly accumulating each additional member through drunken nights until they reached that inevitable jam session at the original band house they call the Wood Shack. Troughton and Thalia meeting Coderre through drinking on two separate occasions, Thalia introducing her sister Justine to the group and lastly Shynkar through driving the band to their very first festival in Kispiox.

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